Pure Vegetable Ghee

Crafted as the shining star within Abeer Oil’s remarkable range, Pure Vegetable Ghee epitomizes our dedication to quality and innovation. Blending Sunflower oil and Palmolein with precision and enriching it with vital vitamins A & D creates the hallmark of our superior creations.

But what truly elevates Abeer Oil beyond excellence? Let’s delve into the core principles that define the essence of Abeer Oil:

The Abeer Advantage

Unveil the magic behind Abeer Oil in three distinct facets:

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Precision in Every Weight

Explore the precision of Abeer Oil’s product range, where each weight variant encapsulates our dedication to quality and consistency. Our commitment lies not only in crafting superior vegetable ghee but also in delivering it in various weight options. Whether you’re seeking a smaller quantity for everyday cooking or a larger pack for culinary endeavors, our different weights ensure convenience without compromising on excellence.

Curious to find the perfect weight variant for your culinary needs? Click below to explore our range of Abeer Oil products and discover the right fit for your kitchen.